China Claims Mars with New 9 Million Dash Line


China Announces New Nine Million Dash Line

(Beijing, 22 July 2016) Today China declared its “indisputable sovereignty” over the planet Mars and revealed its nine million dashed line clearly showing China’s sovereignty over the planet. At a press conference, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi made the following quote:

Wang Yi

Foreign Minister Wang Yi

“The planet Mars was first detected by Chinese scholars thousands of years ago; well before the Greeks. This fact is not in dispute. Because this is not documented in the Western word is inconsequential. Mars is also Red, showing it clearly belongs to our beloved Socialist System with Chinese Characteristics. Any attempt to dispute this fact is just another example of foreign hegemonic behavior and attempts to interfere in China’s internal affairs. We urge the United States and other nations to correct their behavior and beg forgiveness from the Chinese people.”

There can be no refuting this, claimed the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs as it pushed back against continued U.S. and Russian exploratory landings on the heavenly body. “The peaceful Chinese people have tolerated foreign incursions on our Martian soil for far too long. Foreign entities should correct their inappropriate behavior.” Minister Yi also noted that along with the U.S.; the Indian Space Research Organization has put a reconnaissance satellite around Mars for military purposes.

U.S. Presidential hopeful and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last week called the Mars sovereignty issue “a leading diplomatic priority.” Chinese Foreign Minister Yi subsequently called her comments “virtually an attack on China” and said U.S. intransigence “can only make matters worse and more difficult to solve.”

“China has indisputable sovereignty of the South Sea and China has sufficient historical and legal backing” to underpin its claims, Geng Yansheng, a Ministry of Defense spokesman, told reporters at a military compound outside Beijing today. It opposes efforts to “internationalize” the issue and will resolve differences through “friendly negotiation,” he said.

The Chinese government considers the entire Planet of Mars and any empty space up to it as its own, dismissing claims from the United States and other countries, and is building an space-going fleet to project power beyond its earthly borders. China told the NASA, the European Space Agency, and RosCosmos, to halt exploration anywhere in China’s sovereign territory which extends from Beijing to and around the Red Planet, according to U.S. government agencies.

Yi said at length that the issue should be discussed when all nations recognize China’s irrefutable claims. “The United States is attempting to coerce nations into blowing out of proportion the Mars sovereignty issue,” the state-run China Daily said in a July 20 editorial. “This is a irresponsible and dangerous move. It will jeopardize the status quo on Earth and in space; one that is built upon peaceful coexistence.”